•                              AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY

                                                               PROGRAM DESCRIPTION

    The program teaches knowledge of the automobile and skills enabling students to diagnose problems.  The major areas of study in the Automotive Technology program are:  fuel and ignition systems, PA State Inspection certification, brake systems, four-wheel alignment, steering and suspension systems, engine repair, engine performance and drivability, automotive electronics, general automotive maintenance and service.  Any student who applies himself in this industry can be ready for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification.




                -Automobile Technician                                              -Alignment Specialist

                -Construction Equipment Mechanic                           -Drivability Technician*

                -State Inspection Mechanic                                        -Independent Repair Shop Owner

                -Diagnostic Technician*                                             -Electronic Specialist*

                -Service Manager/Shop Foreman*                              *Requires additional training/schooling



                Leather work boots ($35 - $60), coveralls($30); PA state inspection manual ($5)



                Starting $7.25/hour; $16/hour and beyond with experience



                Physical Skills: Students should be able to stand for long periods of time, be able to life
    50 pounds and bend at the waist and knees without difficulty.  Also, should
                have good eye-hand coordination. 

    Math Skills:  Compute discount, interest, profit and loss; commission, markups, and selling price, and percentages.  Calculate surface area, volume, weights, and measures.  Calculateratio and proportion variables; Geometry; calculate circumference, area andvolume for plane and solid figures. Understand the kinds and properties of angles and intersections.

    Language/English Skills: Read a variety oftrade-related manuals, instructions, magazines, and encyclopedias.  Read safety rules, instructions in the use and maintenance of shop tools and equipment, and methods and procedures in mechanical drawing and layout work.

    Science Skills: Demonstrate technical competencies and logical thinking skills in the interpretation of processes and principles.  Utilize measurements in the operation of specific technical equipment plus possess the ability to observe, classify, measure, infer, manipulate variables and interpret charts, graphs, and tables.  Recommend physical science, Principles of Technology and/or physics.

    Computer Skills: Be able to use the computer to perform basic data processing, spread sheet, internet for research and operate trade related software at the application level.



    Two and four year technical degree, certificates are available in the field of automotive technology.  Numerous workshops and training schools are available on a continuing basis through employers and parts/equipment suppliers.