•                                              COSMETOLOGY


                                                                    PROGRAM DESCRIPTION
    Program provides instruction in such tasks as nail care, skin care, shampooing, hair cutting, hair styling perm waving, chemical relaxing, curl reformation, hair coloring, and other tasks related to overall grooming and personal appearance.  Application of these skills is performed after school’s on-site salon clinic.  Students who successfully complete a 1250-hour course will be eligible to apply for a State Board of Cosmetology.

    Examination for licensure.



                -Cosmetologist                                                -Desairologist*

                -Manicurist                                                      -Electrologist*

                -Nail Technician                                              -Colorist

                -Platform Artist                                               -Salon Owner/Manager

                -Hair Stylist                                                     -IndustryConsultant

                -Barber*                                                          -Instructorof Cosmetology*

                -Make-up Artist                                              -Salonmanager*

                -Esthetician/Skin Care Specialist*

    *Requires additional training/schooling



                Cosmetology kit (Kit costs varies yearly)

                Two to three uniforms of white shirts and black plants and black shoes

                Textbooks and workbooks are included in the kit.



                Minimum wage plus commission to start, plus the potential of  $18,000 to $40,000 and up
                for experienced licensed stylists, beauty consultants.



                Physical Skills:  Be able to bend at the knees and waist without difficulty; good hand/eye
    and manual dexterity, demonstrate steadiness and be able to stand.  Concentrate
                on details for long periods.  Be tolerable towards chemicals and have  good hygiene practices.

    Math Skills:  Add, subtract, multiply and divide all units of measure.  Compute discount interest, profit, and loss; commissions, markups, and selling price; ratio and proportion variables.  Understand kinds of angles and properties of pairs and angles.  Bookkeeping skills.

    Language/English Skills:  Read newspapers, periodicals, journals, manuals, and dictionaries.  Prepare business letters, summaries, and reports. Speak clearly and easily with clients.

    Science Skills: Demonstrate technical competencies in the interpretation of scientific processes and principles, utilization of measurements, operating specific scientific equipment.  Be able to demonstrate competencies in the interpretation of scientific process and principles of biology, anatomy, chemistry and physical science.

    Interpersonal Skills:  Pleasant, outgoing personality, well groomed, self-disciplined, able to interact successfully with a variety of people.  People skills, patient.

    Computer Skills:  Be able to use the computer to perform basic data processing.



                Two-year and four-year college degree opportunities, business administration,
                 massage services and day 
    spa services.