•                            HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY


                                                             PROGRAM DESCRIPTION

    Allied Health Care Technology is designed for students who are interested in pursing a career in the medical or health sciences field.  The program is designed to prepare the student to perform the duties and tasks assigned to a variety of health care professions in the care of patients and to develop the physical, social, and emotional characteristics necessary for the successful completion of these tasks and duties. This program includes instruction in the function and interrelationship of the body systems, effective communication skills and human growth and development.  Other areas of study include career exploration, medical terminology, patient rights, medical ethics, principles of disease and injury, patient care skills, and emergency procedures outside the classroom activities includes field trips, shadowing health care professionals and extended internship opportunities. 





                -Registered Nurse*                                                                              -RespiratoryTechnologist*

                    -LicensedPractical Nurse*                                                                -OccupationalTherapist*

                    -PhysicalTherapist*                                                                           -Physician’sAssistant*

                    -Pharmacist*                                                                                      -CertifiedEmergency Medical Technician**

                    -RadiologyTechnologist*                                                                  -Physician*

                    -Laboratory Technologist*                                                                -OccupationalTherapy Assistant*

                    -PhysicalTherapy Assistant*                                                            -RespiratoryTherapist*

                    -Surgical Technologist*                                                                    -Paramedic*

                    -CertifiedNursing Assistant*                                                             -HomeHealth Aide  

                    *Requiresadditional training/schooling                                            -Dental Assistant     
              **Cooperative program withProtective Services         
                        -Pharmacy Technician



                 Two or more navy blue uniforms or scrub uniforms, wristwatch with second hand,

                    white shoes ($50 - $100).



                 Variable depending on education; entry level $10/hour up to $30/hour and beyond.



                 Physical Skills:  Be able to lift approximately 50 pounds andbend at the knees and waist without

    difficulty.  Exhibit physical skills such as walking, standing, lifting, climbing, carrying and bending; and possess good vision, speech, and fine motor skills.

    Math Skills:  Students are required to take Algebra I,Algebra II and Geometry are required for career paths requiring additionaltraining/schooling.

    Language/English Skills:  Conversant in the theory, principles, and methods of effective and persuasive speaking, voice and diction, phonetics, and discussion and debate.  Read scientificand technical journals and legal documents. Prepare business letters, expositions, summaries, and reports, using prescribed format and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction,and style.

    Science Skills:  Be able to demonstrate competencies in the interpersonal relations of scientific process and principles of anatomy,  physiology, microbiology and chemistry.  Students planning on post secondary educationin the medical and health field will need Biology I, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology.

    Interpersonal Skills:   Emotional stability, ability to be a part ofa team, self control, ability to work under pressure, respect for authority,good problem solving skills.



                   One-year technical certification in licensed practicalnursing (L.P.N.) Three-year Associate Degree,
                    in Registered Nursing (R.N.)   or baccalaureate college degree.  Two and four-year degrees in
                    a variety of medical field.