•                                        CULINARY ARTS


                                                            PROGRAM DESCRIPTION

    The Culinary Arts program prepares students to become food handlers, cooks, servers, bakers, and cake decorators.  Food preparation, storage, safety, new food products, and changes in eating habits are addressed.



                -Chef*                                                             -Prep Cook

                -Pastry Chef*                                                  -Dietician*

                -Baker                                                             -Food Technologist*

                -Cook                                                              -Restaurant/Hotel Management*

                -Short Order Cook/Cook’s Helper                 -Waiter/Waitress

                -Line Cook                                                     -Caterer


                *Requires additional training/schooling




                The Culinary Arts Program requires a uniform dress code for dining room training 
                which consists of a
    white long sleeve oxford shirt, black non-skid shoes,
                and black dress pants. 
    These items are the responsibility of the student and should
                be purchased prior to the start of the school year. (Chef coats and chef pants)
    will be required for kitchen training and production.  These items will  be purchased through
                the school.  (Aprons, side towel and hats will be furnished by the school.)   



                Starting $6 to $8 and up to $20/hour and beyond for experienced chefs and managers.



    Physical Skills:  Be able to life approximately 30-50 pound sand bend at the knees and waist without difficulty, and be able to walk, lift, climb and carry and stand for long periods of time.  Possess good vision, speech, and fine motor skills.

    Math Skills: Lab Math: perform practical application of fractions, percentages, ratio and proportion, liquid and dry measurement.  Practical use of basic algebra and geometry.

    Language/English Skills: Read newspapers, periodicals, journals, manuals, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.  Prepare business letters, expositions, summaries, and reports, using prescribed format.

    Science Skills:  Demonstrate technical competencies in the interpretation of scientific processes and principles, utilization of measurements, and operation of specific scientific equipment.  Students should also be able to demonstrate competencies in the interpretation of scientific process and principles, chemistry, and physical science.

    Computer Skills:  Be able to use the computer to perform basic data processing, spreadsheet, internet for research and operate trade related software at the application level.

    Interpersonal Skills:  Flexibility, ability to work well with others, ability to work under pressure of deadlines.



                Two or four-year college degree, articulation agreement in place
                with Penn College of Technology.