•                          ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION


                                                      PROGRAM DESCRIPTION

    The Electrical Construction program emphasizes basic electronics, motor controls and the manual skills needed to install and maintain wiring and electrical equipment in buildings.  Students develop skill in bending conduit, laying wire, motor controls, installing equipment and testing final installation.  Students also learn to design and install electronic heating systems, security systems, and interior lighting systems.  Other topics covered include circuitry for fluorescent lighting systems, code requirements and design and complete wiring, lighting and electric heating installation for a complete home.  State of the art Suite link Home Automation Technology is used to train students to design smart homes.  Students are also trained on state of the art computer programmable controlled switch gear used in the industry today. 



                -Residential Electrician                                   -Commercial Electrician

                -Electrician Apprentice/Journeyman*             -Electrical Sales & Supply

                -Electrician, Industrial or Maintenance                                     

    *Requires additional training/apprenticeship



                $10.00/hour up to $50.00/hour and beyond with experience



                Physical Skills:  Exhibit good vision, speech and fine motor skills, and be able to stand for long
    of time, lift approximately 50 pounds and bend at the waist and knees without difficulty.

                Math Skills:  Need for measurement skills.  Algebra: calculate variables and formulas; ratio and

                proportion variables; radicals.  Understand the kinds and properties of angles and intersections. 
    students take Algebra I in grade 9 or 10.
                Language/English Skills:  Read a variety of trade-related manuals, instructions, and
                magazines.  Read
    safety rules, instructions in the use and maintenance of shop tools
                and equipment, and methods and procedures in mechanical drawing and layout work.
                Write reports with proper format.

    Science Skills:  Ability to observe, classify, measure, manipulate variables, and interpret charts, graphs, and tables.  Recommend taking physical science, Principles of Technology or physics.

    Computer Skills:  Be able to use the computer to perform basic data processing, spreadsheet, internet for research and operate trade related software at the application level.



                Two and four-year technical degree study in electrical technology, industrial 
                electronics, construction technology. Four year professional degree study
                in electrical engineering.  Apprenticeship and trade
    extension program highly